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Heating materials technology 'central to Green Deal drive'

26/10/2010 10:42:20


Heating materials technology 'central to Green Deal drive' Britain's construction sector must ensure it has the right strategies and technology in place to retrofit the country's housing stock with heating materials.

This is the opinion of Kevin McCloud, property expert and television presenter, who said it is important the industry is able to renovate every type of house currently in the UK.

'We don't want to be revisiting houses that we insulate in the next five or ten years in another 20 [years] because that only adds to the carbon burden,' he explained.

Announced last month by energy and climate change secretary Chris Huhne, the Green Deal would see residences upgraded with sustainable solutions, with upfront costs paid back over time through lowered energy bills.

According to McCloud, the next two years will be a 'golden window' of opportunity to try and get everything in place for when the scheme is rolled out and it is vital the government explores the best way to implement the mechanism.

Posted by Neil Burton


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